Top Pakistan TV Shows Must Watch 2019

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is a famous production industry in the entire world. Especially the dramas are liked. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. Every person has several unique skills. Just like this Pakistan industry has several talented personalities who have/had offered their skills, and they have highlighted several roles.

There are some key factors that are needed for any drama to work, and this year, we enjoy those dramas. A big storyline coupled with a brilliant direction, fantastic characterization which is returned by equally super acting is those ways that contribute towards the success of a drama. It is a drama serial that has all the flavors. Sometimes simplest of story-lines and decent execution is enough to make any drama appeal to the audience.

New faces always arrive in this industry, and they perform their super performance. This entertainment industry has provided several serials this year and achieved excellent ratings. These serials include some cultural issue-based serials, romantic dramas, comedy serials, and many others.

Some top most popular serials are listed below. 


It is a famous Pakistan TV serial. The story is written by Mr. Zaffar Miraj. This TV serial is based on significant issues of society, for example, the issues and problems which are usually faced by a woman. The main stars are Madam Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, and Imran Ashraf. The drama serial is telecasted on the Pakistani TV channel Hum TV.


It is a romantic serial, and the story is written by Sarwat Nazir. The main casts are Hira Mani and Afan Waheed. 

One of 2019’s block-busters Do Bol needs no introduction. A Sarwat Nazir story script is written in a simple manner. It shows the struggles and main issues of a girl who belonged to such a family which never accepted her and made her feel that she belonged to them. How her father’s attitude shaped personality, and one mistake landed her with such a person that she hated and then fell in love with her.

Do Bol’s story explore all the sorts of emotions, and this made it super. Because all the shooting is executed in such a relatable and straightforward manner and it ended up gathering enormous popularity. The audience has a great love for the most stunning couple of Gaiti and Badar. It was also luminously shown by Sarwat Nazir that how love at many times can make you self-absorbed and how it also makes you generousIn this story, Badar loved Gaiti selfishly and selflessly, which made it quite enjoyable to see and explore. Do Bol is a perfect serial of how simple scripts, when executed in a right hand, can turn into a hit drama. Hira Mani and Affan Waheed were beyond dazzling in Do Bol, and all the other supporting people did a remarkable job as well. 



The production of  Alif is currently published in a monthly condensation and became the first accessible Urdu fiction volume to be released as an audio volume at the same time. Featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi along with Sajal Ali and Kubbra Khan, the serial is primarily based on an innovative romantic novel written by Umera Ahmed. It comprises of a question that you think about yourself & your existence and how you can overcome it. The characters are all related to single. 


The main stars are : Shehzad Sheikh, Hania Aamir, Naimal Khawar, Seemi Raheel, Shamil Khan, Javeria Kamran, Raju Jamil, Tara Mehmood, Farhan Ali Agha, Anusheh Aamir & some others. 

The story is relatively simple, but it has a definite appeal. It is highlighted the central issue of almost every family. The new characters in this TV serial and their excellent performances from some of the more experienced celebrities made this drama exciting and unusual. Anaa isn’t the perfect serial, but it has a lot going for it. 

The on-screen chemistry of Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar has made the viewers fall in love with their track. Hania Aamir’s rendering is brilliant as usual, and she makes you remember her role and keeps your interest alive. This play is a nice break from some of the more heavy-duty dramas. It is an exciting role that keeps you looking forward to more. This drama also based on significant relationships, the role ego plays in extinguishing the relationships, and there are no black and white points in this drama.


Writer: Farisa Afzal & Wasiq Ali & Director: Furqan Adam. MD Productions produce this serial.

Main Cast: Sanam Chauhdry, Noor Hassan, Srha AsgharRabia Kulsoom, Saad Qureshi, Jia AliMirza Zain Baig & others. 

Meer Abru is a story full of love, misunderstanding, and disloyalty. This play revolves around the love chemistry of Meer and Abru and explores how several circumstances bring differences between them. Meer Abru is a play that presents everything to offer, from drama to some light-hearted moments and reliable representation of all types of emotions that a person goes through. Another asset of this drama serial is that every single personality has something to offer, and they all contributed to complete this drama. 

The actress’s fast bound has also helped in keeping the interest of the viewer’s intact, and an effective direction has made it a worth performance change. Meer and Abru’s chemistry is one of the strongest plays of this year. 



It is one of those dramas which has/had highlighted the significant problems of society. It was hands-down one of the most well-established, radiantly performed out and executed serials of 2019. This drama has achieved more attention from the viewers who followed it religiously. 

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’s story was unusual, enjoyable as well as systematically entertaining. The outstanding performances of Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz and coupled with some of the unique roles made this drama an exceptional Tv show which kept the viewers bonded to their television screens. 

It was one of those dramas which leave an everlasting impression. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi serial handed over some of the most memorable & outstanding characters played effectively by a few of the best personalities of the Pakistani drama industry. 


Directed by actor turned director Fahad Mustafa, this drama serial is going to change the way we do several activities generally in our daily lives. As we are all living in the men governing civilization, we tend to let go of some homesick behaviors lead to keep our respect intact? But this play is for all those women who don’t get any justice. The main star, Saba Qamar, is going to raise voice against all the odds. It revolves around women empowerment, a campaign that has already wrapped everyone around the world.

Well, the main Starring of this serial is given below.

  • Maira Khan 
  • Bilal Abbas Khan 
  • Aijaz Aslam 
  • Ushna Shah 
  • Azekah Daniel 
  • Emmad Irfani 


Pakistan’s Top Highly Paid Drama Actresses

Pakistan’s Top Highly Paid Drama Actresses  

Pakistan is an Asian state which is working on several developing projects since 1947. Pakistan has earned significant popularity. This state is full of talents and skills. It has also established a name in its drama industry along with fashion status and filmy cinema. 

The industry has many top skilled and talented actors and actresses who are popular because of their performance. There are some female actors in the drama industry who are fashionable, famous in the whole world and expensive. Some of them are discussed below. 

Mahira Khan 

Mahira Khan is a beautiful and gorgeous lady in Pakistan’s drama industry. She has grabbed attention due to a drama serial Hamsafar in the homeland as well as in Pakistan’s neighbor state India. Recently, she was offered by the Bollywood industry for a super hit movie Raees. In this movie, Shahrukh Khan is the co-actor of Mahira Khan.  

Saba Qamar 

Another to the most expensive Pakistani actress is Saba Qamar. She becomes a famous iconic actress due to her remarkable performance in several series such as Jinnah k Naam, Dhoope mein Andhere Han, Dastaan and Bunty I Love You. This iconic bombshell lady grabbed the highlights due to a role in Pakistani drama serial Bagi as Qandeel Baloch. 

Ainey Jaffery 

Ainey is also well-known and famous for her green-eyed beauty of Pakistan. She has been working for Pakistan TV series since 2012, and she has achieved a successful name in a short time. This gorgeous and multi-talented icon has started her TV career from Hum TV serials.  

She has worked in different serials such as Meri Behan Maya and Sila etc. currently she is performing the roles for movies. 

Sanam Baloch 

Sanam Baloch is evergreen and most gorgeous woman in the Pakistan entertainment sector. She has earned sparking popularity in several Pakistani series, and now she hosts a morning show on Pakistan Television Channel. She has also performed valuable roles in different series like Dastaan, Mannchaly, Noor Pur ki Rani, Doraha and Kuch Pyaar ka Pagalpan.

Mehwish Hayat 

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress. She has snatched the attention because of her much resemblance with an Indian actress Nargis Fakhari and her performance in different Pakistani television series. She has performed valuable roles in Mery Qatil Mery Dildaar, Man Jali, Dil Lagi, and Unsuni. She has done several films such as Actor in Law, Jawaani Phir Nain Aani, Na Maloom Afrad, and Load Wedding.

Sajal Ali 

Sajal Ali is a beautiful and cute actress, model, and a good artist. In the short period, she achieved such great fameShe has attained a grand success, and the reason behind is her cute looks and acting skills. She has made debt with Nadaaniyan, Chup Raho, Khuda Dekh Raha Hai, Muhobbat Jay Bharh Mein, and many others. This cute and young lady has won several awards based on her talents and sparking roles.

Mahnor Baloch 

This lady is an experienced and multitalented player in the Pakistan television industry. She has attained fame because of her excellent acting performance in a top hit serial Marvi in 1993. This beautiful lady has made her debut with the several tv series like Hum Dum, Shiddat, Noor Bano, Chandni Raten, Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Mein and Mohabbat Roth Jay To. 

Syra Shehroz 

Syra Shehroz is also well-known as Syra Yousaf Khan. She is a Pakistani actress, and before this acting, she was a supermodel and a fantastic artist. She has been working for Pakistan television series since 2011. Recently, she has hosted Bheja Fry. This beautiful and cute lady has made her performance in different Pakistani dramas like Mera Naseeb, Silsialy, Darmiyan, Pasheman, and Tanhaaiyan. Now she is offering her acting skills for two movies which will be released soon. 

Aamina Sheikh 

Aaima Sheikh is a supermodel and actress. She has made her name efficiently. This gorgeous lady has been active for a few years. She has offered her acting skills in Barish Mein Dewaar. She has won Lux Style Awards for her talents.

Aisha Khan 

Aisha is a Pakistan actress, and her origin is Pakistan. She is a beautiful and stunning woman in Pakistan entertainment industry. Aisha Khan made her debut in several drama serials like a popular Pakistani serial Tum Yahi Kehna, Parsa, Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan, Man o Salwa and Zip Bus Chup Raho. She has also offered her acting skills in movies such as Waar by Bilal Lashari and Abhi to Main Jawan Hon etc. 


Pakistan Celebrities Who Were Well-Dressed in LUX Style Award 2019

The award show is the most popular event in the lives of celebrities and superstars. Almost all superstars and several famous people attend this event. Despite the TV screen, this event is the most significant way to become an iconic personality. We all know the Pakistan entertainment industry has many superstars, writers, producers, and even directors. These people make efforts to provide the best entertainment. These superstars offer their skills and talents.

Lux Style Award show 2019 was one of the major awards shows this year.  The awards show was all about admitting the performance of all the most impressive personalities and talented people, who work hard throughout the year to make the entertainment and the fashion industry best. This year it was also a golden opportunity for several celebrities to showcase their dressing & fashion sense. 

Because this is the time when the celebrities show how much style & charming personality they have. All the stars always try to look different, unique, and the person in all highlights. So, they try to pick their most favorite designer, stylist and make-up artist but not all of them always get it right even with all this homework. Lux Style Awards Show 2019, female celebrities were in Western getups, which made us wish that we saw more traditional outfits on the red carpet. 

Now, Pakistan has such a modern and stylish culture. There were a few who looked elegant and chic on this event wearing gowns and dresses. The best-dressed celebrities at Lux Style Awards show 2019 were all those superstars who looked stylish as well as decent. 

The top ten personalities are as follows. 

Bushra Ansari 

Bushra Ansari is a famous drama actress. She has made debut in many serials. She wore the best traditional dress at award show function 2019. The dress and the way of make-up presented the lady as a traditional gorgeous woman. Kameez Shalwar provides the best look to a lady. Dupatta adds a more excellent look to the personality. 

Imran Ashraf 

Imran Asharaf was the male celebrity who dressed well in this event. He was looking perfect and handsome. He seems more attractive in total black outfits and with his super cute wife who was also in the black getup.

Mawra Hocane 

We all know mawra hocane. She is a cute and beautiful superstar in the Pakistan industry. She is also performing remarkable roles in various dramas and movies. She wore a super white long maxi style dress this year. This maxi has provided the super hit look. Miss Hocane spotted this year with long white maxi and smoky eyes that make her unique too.  

Naveen Waqar 

Naveen Waqar is a Pakistani citizen, and she is a beautiful actress in Pakistan entertainment industry. She was also looking very nice this year on lux style awards show 2019. She dressed golden fancy dress and wore a beautiful make-up with a stunning air style, which made her personality like a queen.  

Nida Yasir 

We also know Nida Yasir. She hosts the morning shows and some other shows on Pakistan television. She also looks gorgeous and sweet lady. This year, she dressed a shocking pink color in a Hollywood style, and this style added more glam to her outfit.

Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is also a male actor in the Pakistan drama industry. He performed several roles in several popular serials. He was another person in style award 2019. He dressed well and in an effective celebrity way. He wore a self-printed black jacket and got a perfect look for awards show. 

Zara Noor Abbas & Asad Siddiqui 

These personalities were looking great this year in the Pakistan award function. Asad Saddiqui was contemplating such a perfect and smart guy. Zara wore a beautiful, glamorous make-up and hairstyle which added more cuteness in her look.

Saba Qamar 

Saba Qamar is a gorgeous lady in the Pakistan television industry. She has made debut in different TV serials. She also offered her talents in the Bollywood entertainment industry. She wore a different but unique white maxi style dress. The white color of the dress added more glam look to her personality and made her a perfect celebrity on lux style awards show 2019.

Emaad Irfani 

Mr. Emaad Irfani is a handsome and smart man. He is the most talented personality. He wore a lovely color arrangement that made him MR. Perfect. He styled as a nice ideal gentleman in blue. He provided many glams looks to media. 


5 Pakistani Serials With Highlighted Social Issues


Pakistan industry is only one of the top states which have grabbed the attention of several countries, and the Bollywood industry is one of them. The Pakistani entertainment industry is the primary department, which is making efforts to develop and change the mindsets of the narrow-minded people. Our society is full of crimes and some dominating issues. These issues need to be a highlight to bring a noticeable change in the community.

Dramas and plays are the best way to highlight something or a specific issue. The Pakistani entertainment industry is playing a significant role to grab the attention of viewers and audience as well as to highlight the most crucial problems of society. In this entire world, there are many areas which have cultural issues. Notably, women are facing abusing in many matters.

Well, we appreciate the directors, producers, and particularly the most talented writers of Pakistan for making these serials. Some dramas are explained below.


Inkar is a popular serial in Pakistan as well as other countries too. This serial is written by Mr. Zaffar Miraj and produced by MD Productions.

This serial is based on almost every issue which women are facing in society. The significant role is to highlight the importance of a relationship. The most crucial point is women are getting raped by their relatives or friends, and these women don’t get any justice.

This drama serial also focused on the women’s right to choose her life partner and spend life with her. She can reject the person if she doesn’t like him. It is the biggest issue in society. This serial has presented the way to raise their voice against this misbehavior.

This Pakistani tv serial shows that families primarily parents should support their daughters and sisters for every problem of their life. Many uneducated families and men think that women have no right to make their own decisions for their survival. Many families don’t like girls, and they don’t give any preference to their daughters and sisters.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Producer: MD Productions

This serial is directed by Mr. Kashif Nisar

This tv show has achieved valuable attention from the audience. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi serial revolves around the people who always have some extraordinary desires. The character Bhola represents those people. Most of the people ignore these people and don’t like to help them. Bhola is excellently performing an extraordinary role. This serial shows everyone has his own need and desires. Even the disable people need love and acceptance.

Baba Jani

Director: Ali Faizan Anchan

Baba Jani is written by Miss Faiza Iftikhar, and it is produced by Connects Studio.

All of you have seen so many serials which are based on moral issues in society. This serial revolves around women. It represents how a woman, whoever she is, handles all the matters at the same time. She faces many problems in society, even in her own family. She understands the difficulties and feelings. This serial has shown that how a man manages when he is being opposed from all directions.

Mera Rab Waris

The writer is Mr. Jhanzeb Qamar and is directed by Mr. Asad Jabbal. This serial is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment.

It is the famous tv serial in entire Pakistan.  This drama story revolves around women who prefer pardah. It shows that women with pardah are facing more problems and challenges in society. But the other women who live according to an organization have to face fewer issues.

In this tv serial, the character Aysha is a woman who prefers pardah and knows her values. She tries to eliminate backward thinking and change the minds to new bright thinking. Aysha is the major character of this Pakistani tv serial.

Zun Mureed

This serial is written by a famous female writer, Amna Mufti and directed by Mr. Ahmad Kamran.  This popular tv show is produced by Moomal Entertainment.

Pakistan’s entertainment industry has provided a lot of serials, which achieved a good ranking. This drama story tells us about the cultural problems that are being faced by the women in men dominating society. This tv show is also based on inspirations and educational matters. This story shows that women’s laws are not enough, and this is not justice for females.

A significant character Tubbasam who is married to Sajjad Ali in this drama are performing valuable roles. Because of this tv roles, Tubbasam is getting more attention and opponents.