9 Beauty Secrets For Stunning Skin

9 Beauty Secrets For Stunning Skin

Skin is an essential and unique part of our body — the conditions of skin changes with some improper factors and with time. Gorgeous and smoother skin is every single woman’s right. Women make many efforts for their skin and hair to keep them soft and high.

Facial parts are the most delicate skin parts. Facial skin needs more attention. Because it is the most exposed area to environmental factors, these factors affect the skin negatively.

Sunlight is good and healthy for our skin but only in winters. But, too much exposure to the sunlight damages and burns the skin. Because the sunlight also reflects some dangerous and harmful rays, which are UAV. These rays destroy the upper layer of the skin, and it starts to become darker, getting freckles, acne, clogging of pores, and many other flaws on the surface.

Pollution and weather conditions also make skin dull and greasy. The people with oily skin and oily to combination skin are more sensitive to pollution, sunlight rays, and other environmental changes. Dehydration, weather conditions, and especially temperature also affect the skin. Similarly, our hands and feet also react to these environmental factors.

The people with dry skin have problems in the winter season. Because the skin becomes dry, and skin needs moisturizers. The dull skin people face fewer challenges than oily skin people. Dry and dull skin people don’t have open pores.

Well, there are several skin beauty products introduced in the market. But these products are quite dangerous for facial skin. The products contain chemicals that treat the damaged skin on the spot, but, after some time, they make the skin more dull and sensitive.

There is an excellent solution, and it is natural remedies to treat the skin and keep it safe.

Rose Water:

It is a popular product for every single person. It is also very famous in the entire world, not just in Asian states. Rosewater has many antiseptic properties due to which everyone can use it. Some benefits are given below.

  • Daily usage of rose water keeps the skin safe from pollution and dirt
  • It makes the skin fresh and supple
  • It controls the excessive oil for oily skin people
  • It also provides a great essence
  • People can use rose water in different face masks, scrubs, and lotions

Chickpea Powder & Turmeric Powder:

Chickpea powder and turmeric powder are essential kitchen items. Daily usage of both makes the skin oil-free. It also helps to fade out the dark spots, acne spots, and scars. Turmeric powder has antiseptic characteristics that contribute to fade out the dark spots and lighten the skin. The chickpea powder cleans out the dirt and excessive oil or greasiness.

Tomatoes & Sugar powder:

Tomatoes are also very beneficial for our skin. These are also called as natural sunblock for our skin. Tomato also helps to lighten the pigmentation and acne spots. The usage of sugar powder and tomato pulp as a scrub is excellent for the skin. Because the scrubbing the skin removes the dead cells and dirt from pores. This scrub can be used twice in a week.


Papaya is also a natural and beneficial remedy. This fruit can be used as a facial mask. Papaya also makes the skin soft and spots free. It also exfoliates the skin, which helps to remove dead skin.

Honey & Sugar Scrub:

It is so delightful and so lovely. This scrub provides a sweat feeling because it also moisturizes the skin. Mix honey, lemon, sugar powder form, and olive oil. The olive oil helps to lighten the spots and skin darkening. Sugar is for scrubbing the skin. Lemon contains citric acid, which is helpful for skin whitening and brightening.

Honey contains anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, and moisturizing properties. It also balances the skin PH. This scrub is really impressive. Scrubbing makes the skin soft, supple and glowing gorgeous skin. The supper benefit of this remedy is that it minimizes the skin pores. So, it is excellent for all skin types.

Dry Milk & Lemon With Honey:

Milk is essential for our body and especially for our skin. The mixture of dry milk or milk powder, lemon, and honey makes the skin beautiful and soft to touch. Milk contains lactic acid that lightens the hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Lemon has citric acid and bleaching properties that also help in skin brightening. Honey is the nectar and contains the nectar of all the flowers and fruits which provide necessary nutrients to the skin.

People should use toners according to their skin type. The usage of sunscreen and sunblock is excellent for the skin. Sunblock prevents the skin from dirt, pollution, sun rays, and clogging of pores. The daily usage of sunblock also nourishes the skin.

Take more and more water to prevent from dehydration problem. Dehydration is also a fundamental cause of age spots, dry skin, sagging of skin, premature aging, and many other skin problems.