4 DIY & Natural Face Masks For Healthy Skin

4 DIY & Natural Face Masks For Healthy Skin

4 DIY & Natural Face Masks For Healthy Skin

Be beautiful is a favorite dream of every single woman. Mostly, it is challenging to take care of our skin in this busy life, women, especially those who are related to outside work such as they do a job. These types of women really don’t have time to take care of their skins.

Women do many things to get beautiful skin. According to research, women have sensitive skin more than men. So, women’s skin can get irritated quickly. Most of the time, the irritation of skin happens because of beauty products. Or this skin problem can occur due to temperature changes. There are many ways to make your skin beautiful, like a child. Despite that, there are several face packs. These packs can make your skin flawless and gorgeous. Women do many things to get beautiful skin.

The skin changes depend upon the skin type. Acne-prone skin mostly occurs in oily skin. The oily skin people can also have the following skin issues.

  • Skin irritation problems
  • Large pores and greasy skin
  • whiteheads and blackheads

Dry skin people have the skin which is always dry, but it is reasonable to dry in the hot summer season. Some people have both skin type conditions. In the hot summer season, combination skin people have oily and greasy skin, but in winter, the skin becomes dry.

Well, there are described some face masks which can be used overnight. These face packs are totally natural and free of side effects, but if you have any allergy problems due to any product, don’t use it.

Turmeric & Milk Face Pack

Turmeric is a spice, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is mostly used in several face packs for beauty purposes. This spice is also being used in almost all types of food, and it is a crucial kitchen thing.

Milk is also perfect for human being health. It is also being used in the various masks to get skin whitening and flawless skin. Milk contains almost all types of proteins and minerals.


Take a clean bowl and mix milk and turmeric powder. It will become a liquid type paste. Use this pack with a brush or cotton ball. Use this mask 3 -4 times a week.

Egg White Face Mask

The losing of skin is a widespread problem, especially in aged people. The wrinkles also appear, which can affect the beauty in a wrong manner. The wrinkle problem occurs, especially in the dry skin. There are thousands of beauty products, creams, serums, and supplements which are made for the skin tightening purpose.

These products also have side effects, and they are mostly expensive. Egg whites are the best option to treat wrinkles naturally. Eggs are also useful and healthy to intake, and the reason is that eggs are full of proteins. Egg white mask is beneficial for oily skin people as this mask helps to clean out the excessive oil and dirt. It also closes the large pores.


Beat an egg and separate the white and yolk. Apply to whiten liquid part of the egg with a brush evenly. Let it dry for 20 mints. After this, wash it away. The egg white will give you a tightening effect on your skin.

Oats & Honey Face Mask

Oats are also useful for skin. It is beneficial to clean out the excessive oil and dirt from the oily skin. It also treats acne and large pores.

Honey is an excellent gift from God, and it is the best solution for several skin issues. It has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains the nectar of many herbs and fruits. Honey also provides a skin whitening effect when applied to the skin directly or indirectly. It also cleans out the excessive oil and greasiness from the surface.


Mix an equal amount of oats powder with honey. Mix it really well. Wash your face before apply. Then apply this face pack evenly with a brush and let it dry for 20 – 30 mints. This face pack will nourish and repair the skin.

Tomatoes Pulp Face Mask

Mostly the skin-damaging occurs due to sun exposure. Sunlight has many harmful rays, which are the central issue of skin darkening. Tomatoes are great for the skin as it prevents the skin from the hot sun. These are very useful if they are eaten directly or indirectly. Tomatoes are work like a sunblock internally.


Get the pulp of tomato or apply its juice directly on the face with a brush or cotton ball. Let it dry for 10 – 15 mints. Rinse it.

These four masks are beneficial. All the ingredients are natural and can be available in almost every kitchen. Drink more water to prevent from dehydration problem. Dehydration is also a significant cause of different skin problems.