Pakistan Celebrities Who Were Well-Dressed in LUX Style Award 2019

Pakistan Celebrities Who Were Well-Dressed in LUX Style Award 2019

The award show is the most popular event in the lives of celebrities and superstars. Almost all superstars and several famous people attend this event. Despite the TV screen, this event is the most significant way to become an iconic personality. We all know the Pakistan entertainment industry has many superstars, writers, producers, and even directors. These people make efforts to provide the best entertainment. These superstars offer their skills and talents.

Lux Style Award show 2019 was one of the major awards shows this year.  The awards show was all about admitting the performance of all the most impressive personalities and talented people, who work hard throughout the year to make the entertainment and the fashion industry best. This year it was also a golden opportunity for several celebrities to showcase their dressing & fashion sense. 

Because this is the time when the celebrities show how much style & charming personality they have. All the stars always try to look different, unique, and the person in all highlights. So, they try to pick their most favorite designer, stylist and make-up artist but not all of them always get it right even with all this homework. Lux Style Awards Show 2019, female celebrities were in Western getups, which made us wish that we saw more traditional outfits on the red carpet. 

Now, Pakistan has such a modern and stylish culture. There were a few who looked elegant and chic on this event wearing gowns and dresses. The best-dressed celebrities at Lux Style Awards show 2019 were all those superstars who looked stylish as well as decent. 

The top ten personalities are as follows. 

Bushra Ansari 

Bushra Ansari is a famous drama actress. She has made debut in many serials. She wore the best traditional dress at award show function 2019. The dress and the way of make-up presented the lady as a traditional gorgeous woman. Kameez Shalwar provides the best look to a lady. Dupatta adds a more excellent look to the personality. 

Imran Ashraf 

Imran Asharaf was the male celebrity who dressed well in this event. He was looking perfect and handsome. He seems more attractive in total black outfits and with his super cute wife who was also in the black getup.

Mawra Hocane 

We all know mawra hocane. She is a cute and beautiful superstar in the Pakistan industry. She is also performing remarkable roles in various dramas and movies. She wore a super white long maxi style dress this year. This maxi has provided the super hit look. Miss Hocane spotted this year with long white maxi and smoky eyes that make her unique too.  

Naveen Waqar 

Naveen Waqar is a Pakistani citizen, and she is a beautiful actress in Pakistan entertainment industry. She was also looking very nice this year on lux style awards show 2019. She dressed golden fancy dress and wore a beautiful make-up with a stunning air style, which made her personality like a queen.  

Nida Yasir 

We also know Nida Yasir. She hosts the morning shows and some other shows on Pakistan television. She also looks gorgeous and sweet lady. This year, she dressed a shocking pink color in a Hollywood style, and this style added more glam to her outfit.

Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is also a male actor in the Pakistan drama industry. He performed several roles in several popular serials. He was another person in style award 2019. He dressed well and in an effective celebrity way. He wore a self-printed black jacket and got a perfect look for awards show. 

Zara Noor Abbas & Asad Siddiqui 

These personalities were looking great this year in the Pakistan award function. Asad Saddiqui was contemplating such a perfect and smart guy. Zara wore a beautiful, glamorous make-up and hairstyle which added more cuteness in her look.

Saba Qamar 

Saba Qamar is a gorgeous lady in the Pakistan television industry. She has made debut in different TV serials. She also offered her talents in the Bollywood entertainment industry. She wore a different but unique white maxi style dress. The white color of the dress added more glam look to her personality and made her a perfect celebrity on lux style awards show 2019.

Emaad Irfani 

Mr. Emaad Irfani is a handsome and smart man. He is the most talented personality. He wore a lovely color arrangement that made him MR. Perfect. He styled as a nice ideal gentleman in blue. He provided many glams looks to media.