5 Pakistani Serials With Highlighted Social Issues

5 Pakistani Serials With Highlighted Social Issues


Pakistan industry is only one of the top states which have grabbed the attention of several countries, and the Bollywood industry is one of them. The Pakistani entertainment industry is the primary department, which is making efforts to develop and change the mindsets of the narrow-minded people. Our society is full of crimes and some dominating issues. These issues need to be a highlight to bring a noticeable change in the community.

Dramas and plays are the best way to highlight something or a specific issue. The Pakistani entertainment industry is playing a significant role to grab the attention of viewers and audience as well as to highlight the most crucial problems of society. In this entire world, there are many areas which have cultural issues. Notably, women are facing abusing in many matters.

Well, we appreciate the directors, producers, and particularly the most talented writers of Pakistan for making these serials. Some dramas are explained below.


Inkar is a popular serial in Pakistan as well as other countries too. This serial is written by Mr. Zaffar Miraj and produced by MD Productions.

This serial is based on almost every issue which women are facing in society. The significant role is to highlight the importance of a relationship. The most crucial point is women are getting raped by their relatives or friends, and these women don’t get any justice.

This drama serial also focused on the women’s right to choose her life partner and spend life with her. She can reject the person if she doesn’t like him. It is the biggest issue in society. This serial has presented the way to raise their voice against this misbehavior.

This Pakistani tv serial shows that families primarily parents should support their daughters and sisters for every problem of their life. Many uneducated families and men think that women have no right to make their own decisions for their survival. Many families don’t like girls, and they don’t give any preference to their daughters and sisters.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Producer: MD Productions

This serial is directed by Mr. Kashif Nisar

This tv show has achieved valuable attention from the audience. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi serial revolves around the people who always have some extraordinary desires. The character Bhola represents those people. Most of the people ignore these people and don’t like to help them. Bhola is excellently performing an extraordinary role. This serial shows everyone has his own need and desires. Even the disable people need love and acceptance.

Baba Jani

Director: Ali Faizan Anchan

Baba Jani is written by Miss Faiza Iftikhar, and it is produced by Connects Studio.

All of you have seen so many serials which are based on moral issues in society. This serial revolves around women. It represents how a woman, whoever she is, handles all the matters at the same time. She faces many problems in society, even in her own family. She understands the difficulties and feelings. This serial has shown that how a man manages when he is being opposed from all directions.

Mera Rab Waris

The writer is Mr. Jhanzeb Qamar and is directed by Mr. Asad Jabbal. This serial is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment.

It is the famous tv serial in entire Pakistan.  This drama story revolves around women who prefer pardah. It shows that women with pardah are facing more problems and challenges in society. But the other women who live according to an organization have to face fewer issues.

In this tv serial, the character Aysha is a woman who prefers pardah and knows her values. She tries to eliminate backward thinking and change the minds to new bright thinking. Aysha is the major character of this Pakistani tv serial.

Zun Mureed

This serial is written by a famous female writer, Amna Mufti and directed by Mr. Ahmad Kamran.  This popular tv show is produced by Moomal Entertainment.

Pakistan’s entertainment industry has provided a lot of serials, which achieved a good ranking. This drama story tells us about the cultural problems that are being faced by the women in men dominating society. This tv show is also based on inspirations and educational matters. This story shows that women’s laws are not enough, and this is not justice for females.

A significant character Tubbasam who is married to Sajjad Ali in this drama are performing valuable roles. Because of this tv roles, Tubbasam is getting more attention and opponents.